Yellow Oval Room White HouseResearch by Steven L. Brawley

Jackie's Fabrics

  • Brunschwig & Fils: Fabrics for curtains in the White House President's Dining Room and for chairs in the Lincoln Sitting Room.
  • Rose Cumming: Keshia Red fabric for 1040 dining room wallpaper and drapery.
  • Connaissance Fabrics from Design Works: Fish Head Plaid fabric for 1040 dining room tablecloth with a geometric print of brown, white, and coral. Large Feather fabric for 1040 library sofa covering of black and rust on duck cloth.
  • Scalamandr√©: Fabrics were featured in Jackie's 1961-63 restoration of the White House in the Empire Guest, Blue, Red, and Yellow Oval rooms. Jardin de Tuileries fabric was used for 1040 bedroom bed draperies and chairs on silk.
  • Stroheim & Romann: Fabrics used by Sister Parish in Jackie's White House bedroom and other family quarter rooms.
  • Tassinari & Chatel : Moss green watered silk adorned the walls of the Kennedy White House Green Room. The French firm also created blue and gold fabric for chairs in the Blue Room, while a rose ivory silk brocade was provided for the Queen's Bedroom curtains.
  • Tillet Textiles: Pale green with flower pattern for Jackie's White House bedroom curtains and bed draperies. Red chrysanthemums fabric used for 111 Irving Ave., patio furniture.

Notes: In 1969 Jackie Kennedy recruited the Tilletts to launch Design Works, a textile studio in Bedford Stuyvesant for which the Tilletts trained local residents in their techniques and collaborated on designs. Design Works was known for large-scale, ethically-inspired patterns and lasted until 1978. 

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