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Jackie could have chosen to marry John Husted, been a mere stockbrokers wife, and called it a life. Instead, she embarked on the incredible journey we study today. She wore many hats and made it look effortless.

Jackie's Jobs

  • Childhood chores: Helped out at Hammersmith Farm during World War II years (gardening, feeding the chickens, etc.)
  • Student: Lifelong learner. Graduate of Miss Porter's and George Washington University
  • Photographer: Personal and professional work
  • Journalist: Washington Times-Herald, New Yorker, and other publications
  • Political Adviser: Counsel to John, Robert, and Edward
  • First Lady: 1961-1963
  • Campaigner: Supported John, Robert, and Edward's campaigns
  • Historic Preservationist: The White House, Lafayette Square, The Temple of Dendur, Grand Central Station, Lever House, and other efforts (Virginia and Greece)
  • Author: Several articles; One Special Summer, 1974
  • Editor: Viking and Doubleday books; Profiles in Courage (assisted JFK) 1956; White House: An Historic Guide, 1962/63
  • Artist: Numerous paintings, drawings, sketches, including the 1963 Hallmark holiday cards to benefit the National Cultural Center (Kennedy Center)
  • Wife and Widow: John F. Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis
  • Mother: Caroline and John Jr.
  • Adventurist & World Traveller: Jet setter
  • Fashion/Style Icon: The best dressed list, year after year
  • Board Member: Municipal Arts Society, 42nd Street Development Corporation, (dozens of honorary chair positions as First Lady)
  • Teacher's Aide Volunteer: McMahon Memorial Temporary Shelter, 112th St., New York (1971)
  • Paparazzi Obsession: Not a job she chose, or relished

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