1963 Hallmark Cards

Artwork by Jackie

Two designs: Glad Tidings and The Journey of the Maji.

As described on insert in boxed sets:

"The National Cultural Center will rise on the banks of the Potomac in the nation's Capital as a forum for the performing arts.  The Center will house three auditoriums under one roof - a symphony hall, a theater, and an opera house.  Here the best professional artists from all parts of the United States will be presented as well as visiting foreign artists and groups.  During the Eisenhower administration an Act of Congress, established the Center and President Kennedy has continued the project and gives it his wholehearted approval.  A non-partisan board of trustees has been appointed with Mrs. John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower serving as honorary chairmen.  While the Congress has initiated this project, which will cost $30 million, it is traditional in America that such an enterprise be supported by contributions from the American public - either as individuals or groups.  Your purchase of these special cards painted by Mrs. John F. Kennedy will help make the Center an actuality."

Notes: Sold in boxed sets of 25 for $4 to benefit the National Cultural Center (the Kennedy Center).

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