Nixon Letter

February 4, 1971

Dear Mr. President, Dear Mrs. Nixon --

You were so kind to us yesterday. Never have I seen such magnanimity and such tenderness.

Can you imagine the gift you gave me? To return to the White House privately with my little ones while they are still young enough to rediscover their childhood -- with you both as guides -- and with your daughters, such extraordinary young women.

What a tribute to have brought them up like that in the limelight. I pray I can do half the same with my Caroline. It was good to see her exposed to their example, and John to their charm!

You spoiled us beyond belief . . . I have never seen the White House look so perfect. There is no hidden corner of it that is not beautiful now.

It was moving, when we left, to see that great House illuminated, with the fountains playing.

The way you have hung the portraits does them great honor -- more than they deserve. They should not have been such trouble to you. . . .

It made me happy to hear the children bursting with reminiscences all the way home. Before John went to sleep, I could explain the photographs of Jack and him in his room, to him. "There you are with Daddy right where the President was describing the Great Seal; there, on the path where the President accompanied us to our car."

Your kindness made real memories of his shadowy ones.

Thank you with all my heart. A day I always dreaded turned out to be one of the most precious ones I have spent with my children.

May God bless you all.

Most gratefully,


Source: Nixon Library

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