1956 Stevenson Endorsement

Kennedy Endorsement of Aldai E. Stevenson (Attributed to Jackie)

In recent months, I have been questioned frequently as to the candidate of my choice for the Democratic nomination. My position can be stated simply.

It was my publicly expressed belief in 1952 that Governor Aldai E. Stevenson of Illinois was the ablest man available for the high office of the Presidency. No other candidate possessed his unique combination of qualifications for the arduous tasks of that office.

No other candidate offered so much good sense, so much courageous honesty or so much compassionate wisdom with which to meet the issues confronting our nation both home and aboard. And, in the years following the election of 1952, his towering stature has been neither diminished by his conduct nor matched by any other potential nominee.

Consequently, Aldai Stevenson remains, in my opinion, the most outstanding choice for the Presidency in 1956, the most logical candidate for the Democratic Party and the most deserving contender for the favor of the American people.

Some have accused him of being too liberal; others have charged him with being too conservative; and still others believe they have found imperfections of still some other kind. But Governor Stevenson, beholden to no man and to no section, belonging to neither a left-wing or a right-wing, represents instead the finest traditions of our Party and our nation.

Speaking for myself, I intend to exert every effort toward his nomination at the convention and toward his election next November.

Source: JFK Library


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