September 16 Campaign Wife

by Jacqueline (Mrs. John F.) Kennedy

September 16, 1960 Column

For the first time since Jack and I have been married, I have not been able to be with him while he is campaigning. You can imagine how frustrating it is to be in Hyannis Port reading all that he's doing and not participating in any way.

This week I decided one way to  keep from feeling left out was to talk through this column to the friendly people all over the country I would have met while campaigning. Just in the few weeks of being with Jack in Wisconsin and West Virginia I met so many people whom I would still like to be in touch with.

The worst part was not being in Los Angeles for the nomination. To me it seemed it would be surely better to be there than sitting anxiously by the television in Hyannis Port, but my obstetrician firmly disagreed. Since then I have resigned myself and have kept up with my husband by reading several newspapers every day and by writing to Jack's many friends throughout the country.

Las week was an exciting week for me and for Caroline, our daughter who will be three in November. Hurricane Donna came close enough to where we were in Hyannis Port to knock down ten trees and blow part of the roof away. We really weren't terribly frightened, but Caroline did worry about what was happening to her father and whether her kitten and puppy were safe.

Once she was assured Jack was in Texas where there was no storm, and Mitten and Charey were with us, we spent a cozy evening reading stories by candlelight.

This week, the doctor let me go to New York and spend two full days campaigning. I really didn't see Jack for more than a few moments alone, but at least I was part of things again. The first morning I was on Dave Garroway's show, which I enjoyed very much.

In the afternoon, it was fun to pick out maternity clothes, and talking to reporters about them was amusing. All that talk over what I wear and I how I fix up my hair has amused me and puzzled me. What does my hairdo have to do with my husband's ability to be President?

Actually I 've always loved clothes, and when I've had the time I've enjoyed the universal feminine sport of shopping around from store to store and looking for new styles in the women's magazines.

The next day I went out to the airport to meet Jack who was late because of the crash in the morning at La Guardia. We went together  to a huge luncheon at the Commodore which was very exciting. Everyone seemed so enthusiastic about Jack that I loved every minute of it. From there we flew from one rally or reception to another and finally to a large dinner. The next day I was back in Hyannis.

I'll be in Washington for a few days, then back in Massachusetts to close up the house. Already almost everyone else has left, so I'll be glad to be back in Washington permanently after that. I hope soon to be able to go along with Jack as much as possible, particularly on trips not too far away from Washington.

Source: JFK Library

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