October 27 Campaign Wife

by Jacqueline (Mrs. John F.) Kennedy

October 27, 1960 Column

November 8 now is only days away. Each day gets more and more exciting and more and more filled with suspense.

Wednesday I was in New York with Jack and rode in the ticker tape parade. Never have I been more thrilled than I was then to see so many thousands of people cheering for Jack. Afterwards people told me it was the largest crowd since the parade for Lindbergh.

That was the last time I'll be campaigning with Jack before the election as my doctor has now said I should stay in Washington. Sorry as I am not to go with him more, I'm glad to be home with Caroline now because she keeps seeing her father's picture on lapel pins and bumpers and wondering why so many people are talking about him and why he isn't home more often.

Several days abo the Sub-committee on Medical Care for the Aged released its report for the Women's Committee for the New Frontier. So many people all over the country had written me about this problem that I was particularly interested in what they had to say.

So often this is considered a problem affecting only older people, whereas, actually it equally affects younger people who take care of their parents and sometimes must choose between this and educating their children.

The report stressed the importance of paying for increased medical care through the social security system rather than requiring older people pass an income or means test in order to get medical benefits. This way each person pays for his own medical care by contributing during his working years to a system which provides assistance in later years when he needs to help meet his medical bills.

Yesterday Dr. Benjamin Spock was in town and stopped by the house to see me. Along with most mother's in the country, I have read his books and admire him greatly. It was fascinating to talk to him not only about children, but also about his views on education and medical care the aged.

He is most anxious that there be immediate legislation to build more schools and provide higher salaries for teachers. I'm glad to say,  he believes Jack is the man best qualified to build on a realistic program in these fields.

I also had an interesting chat with Mr. Kefauver, Mrs. Gore, and Mrs. Ellington from Tennessee, who were most encouraging about the election in their state. I hope reports from everywhere will continue to be good, and that everyone will vote on November 8th.

Source: JFK Library

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