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Jackie lived in some pretty impressive digs in her lifetime. From homes in the Hamptons to Martha's Vineyard, she surrounded herself with the things she loved - books, art, historic artifacts, and family photographs. She kept interior decorators scrambling to keep up with her eclectic tastes that ranged from fancy to comfy.

PPB Inventory of Jackie's Residences (1929-1994)

Childhood & Youth

  • Apaquogue Road, Wildmoor, Georgica/East Hampton, NY (paternal grandparent's house)
  • 88 Lily Pond Road, East Hampton, NY (maternal grandparent's house)
  • 121 Further Lane, Lasata, East Hampton, NY (paternal grandparent's house)
  • Maidstone Country Club,  East Hampton NY (maternal and paternal grandparent's summer cabanas)
  • 790 Park Ave., New York City (parent's apartment)
  • 740 Park Ave., New York City (parent's apartment in building developed by maternal grandfather James Lee)
  • 765 Park Ave., New York City (paternal grandparent's apartment)
  • 111 Egypt Lane, Rowdy Hall, East Hampton, NY (parent's rental)
  • 3 West End Road, Grey Gardens, East Hampton, NY (paternal aunt's house)
  • One Gracie Square, New York City (mother's apartment)
  • 520 E. 86th St., New York City (mother's apartment)
  • 125 E. 74th St., New York City (father's apartment)
  • Lazy-A-Bar Ranch, Reno, NV (where mother obtained divorce)
  • 700 Chain Bridge Road, Merrywood, McLean, VA (mother and stepfather's house)
  • Harrison Avenue, Hammersmith Farm, Newport, RI (stepfather's summer house)
  • 76 avenue Mozart, Paris (1949 Sorbonne studies)
  • Holton Arms School Dorm
  • Miss Porter's School Dorm
  • Vassar College Dorm
  • Georgetown Apt. (address needed)

Mrs. John F. Kennedy

  • 122 Bowdoin St., Boston, MA (JFK's apartment in Boston, used to claim residency)
  • 700 Chain Bridge Road, Merrywood, McLean, VA (often stayed at mother and stepfather's home, also had plans drawn by architect George Howe to build a home on the Merrywood Estate, purchased nearby Hickory Hill instead)
  • 3321 Dent Place NW, Wahington, D.C. (leased)
  • 111 Irving Ave., Barnstable, MA - aka Hyannis Port
  • 1095 N. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, FL (father-in-law's estate)
  • 1147 Chain Bridge Rd., Hickory Hill, McLean, VA
  • 35 E. 76th St., The Carlyle Hotel, New York City (Kennedy suites)
  • 277 Park Ave., New York City (apartment owned by Kennedy family)
  • 2808 P. St., Washington, DC (leased)
  • 3307 N. St., Washington, DC
  • 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., The White House, Washington, DC
  • Camp David, Cokotin Mountain Park, MD
  • 5297 Hulbert's Lane, Glen Ora, Middleburg, VA (leased)
  • 1666 Hatcher's Mill Rd., Atoka/Wexford, Marshall, VA
  • 601 North County Rd., Paul House, Palm Beach, FL (leased)
  • Island Ave., Morton Downey House, Squaw Island, MA (leased)
  • 149 Island Ave., Brambletyde, Squaw Island, MA (leased)

Later Years (Widow, Onassis, Editor)

  • 3038.N. St,, Harriman House, Washington, DC (loaned)
  • 3017 N. St,, Newton Baker House, Washington, DC
  • 1040 Fitth Ave., New York City
  • Morgan Cottage, Glen Cove/Long Island, NY (leased)
  • Peapack, NJ (rented house with Onassis and owned home)
  • 2 E 61st St., Pierre Hotel, New York City  (Aristotle Onassis suite)
  • Skorpios Island, Greece (Pink House and Hill House villas)
  • Villa, Glyfada, Greece
  • Villa Eartha, Lagonisi, Greece
  • The Christina Yacht
  • 88 avenue Foch, Paris
  • Cottage, Middleburg, VA (leased)
  • House, Concord, MA (leased - need information)
  • Red Gate Farm, Martha's Vineyard

Other Family Member Residences

  • 888 Park Ave., New York City (Caroline's apartment)
  • 500 Sagaponack Rd, Sagaponack, NY (Caroline and Ed's weekend home)
  • 929 Park Ave., New York City (Caroline and JFK Jr. apartment - given to Marta Squbin)
  • 56 W. 91st St. New York City (JFK Jr.)
  • 309 W. 86th St., New York City (JFK Jr./Rob Littell apartment)
  • 171 W. 71st St., New York City (JFK Jr./Darryl Hannah apartment)
  • 20 N. Moore St., New York City (JFK Jr./Carolyn Bessette loft)
  • East 52nd Street, New York City (Lee Radziwill's apartment)
  • 969 Fifth Avenue, New York City (Lee Radziwill's apartment)
  • 895 Park Avenue, New York City (Lee Radziwill's apartment)
  • 160 E. 72nd Street, New York City (Lee Radziwill's apartment)
  • 16th arrondissement, Paris (Lee Radziwill's apartment)
  • Turville Grange, Oxfordshire (Lee Radziwill home)
  • 4 Buckingham Place, London (Lee Radziwill home)
  • East Dune Lane, East Hampton, NY (Lee Radziwill home)
  • 3044 O St., Washington DC (mother and stepfather's house where pink suit was temporarily stored in the attic prior to transfer to National Archives)
  • 636 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA (Teddy and Joan Kennedy home)
  • 2416 Tracy Place NW, Washington, DC (Teddy and Vicky Kennedy home)

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