Research by Steven L. Brawley

Jackie was no "in the kitchen" cook, but she knew how to use food as a way to showcase the important role of presidency, and for entertaining friends and royalty alike.

There are several recipes "attributed" to her, mostly for the 1960 campaign and during John's senate years. At the White House she created a new kitchen and dining room on the second floor in the family quarters. Her state dinners are historic benchmarks. Her private dinner parties, legendary.

Through cookbooks by Marta Sgubin, Annemaire Huste, and Rene Verdon, we gain insight into Jackie's diverse culinary tastes.

When Lean Cuisine hit the shelves, Jackie was an immediate fan, using the frozen meals when she was off in the horse countries of New Jersey or Virginia. She easily moved from cheese souffles to cheese sandwiches. She loved ice cream.

Jackie's Cooks/Chefs

  • Mattie Penn, Dent Place
  • Fred Decre, Aboard the Caroline Airplane
  • Pedro Udo, White House (Eisenhower's Chef/Cook, Replaced by Verdon)
  • Rene Verdon, White House  Chef
  • Julius Spessot, White House Assistant Chef
  • Fredinand Louvat, White House Pastry Chef
  • Navy Staff, Camp David
  • Annmarie Huste, New York City (fired)
  • Karle Jerome, New York City (fired)
  • Marta Sgubin, New York City (former nanny, friend)


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