1960 Voting Essay

Jackie’s Essay on Women and Voting: September 29, 1960 for Monticello College in Alton, Illinois

Forty years ago, women entered a new phase in their lives. In that year, women’s suffrage was passed. Since then, women have become more and more active in the political world until we now stand beside men in all political work.

Although the jobs we have sought and won and successfully filled mean a great deal, the vote we have is still our most important possession.

The enormous women’s vote has changed the political picture. It is in our hands decisively to affect the outcome of this election.

Women are alert and interested. We vote on the issues and the candidates. We are concerned primarily about our homes and this concern reflects itself in the important issues of the times – such as the nation’s economy and the nation’s defense.

A terrible, frightening decade is ahead. People cannot be too complacent about this country’s power and position. We must insure this country’s strength and demonstrate that its citizens are concerned about its future.

Our vote is a precious heritage. It is the foundation on which our system of government is built and the protection for the system. In this crucial time, every vote is significant.

Mrs. John F. Kennedy

Source: JFK Library





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