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Jackie Depicted in Art

  • Craig Alan, Jackie Kennnedy, I II III
  • Apple Pie Magazine Cover 1975 (need artist name)
  • Boris Chaliapin, Time Magazine Cover, January 1961
  • Bjorn Davidson, Jackie O
  • Giovanni De Cunto, Jacky-O
  • Rongrong DeVoe, Jackie Kennedy
  • Jacqueline Duheme, 1961-1962 (art used for book Mrs. Kennedy Goes Abroad)
  • Gray, Jackie O
  • Michael Helfen, Pillbox And Pearls
  • Carole Heslin, Jackie When She Was Young
  • Randal Huiskens, Jackie Kennedy
  • Steve Kaufman, Jackie
  • Elizabeth LeFort, Jackie Kennedy tapestry
  • Tom Lohre, Jacqueline Kennedy after Jacques Lowe, 2011
  • Candace Lovely, Good and Plenty
  • Irina March, Jacqueline Kennedy
  • Tina Mion, Jacqueline Kennedy, the King of Hearts - Stop Reaction, 1997
  • Hector Monroy, Jacqueline Kennedy
  • Newsweek Magazine Cover 1962 (Need artist name)
  • Elizabeth Peyton, Jackie O and John F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Amanda Riopelle, Jackie O
  • Molly Right, Jackie Kennedy bottle caps
  • Norman Rockwell, Jackie Kennedy
  • Rene Romero Schuler, Jackie O
  • Aaron Shikler, White House Official Portrait and Assorted Studies, 1971
  • Stella Vine, Jackie Givenchy
  • Andy Warhol, Jackie 1964, 4 Jackies, 9 Jackies, 16 Jackies, Flash - November 22, 1963, II.34, Jackie I, II.13, Jackie II, II.14, Jackie II, II.15, and others
  • Jon Whitcomb, Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover, April 1961

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