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Boss Lady

Boss Lady

Folks Who Had the Pleasure of Working for Jackie

  • Marie Amaral, 1040 maid
  • Bernice Anderson, maid
  • Letitia Baldrige, White House social secretary
  • Billy Baldwin, interior designer
  • Kennet Battelle, hairdresser
  • Stéphane Boudin, interior designer
  • Oleg Cassini, official White House era fashion designer
  • Henry Du Pont, interior designer, art historian
  • John Forger, personal lawyer
  • Sanford Fox, White House, chief of entertainments office
  • Mary Gallagher, personal secretary
  • "Helene", Onassis maid
  • Clint Hill, White House personal secret service agent
  • Dr. Michael Hogan, plastic surgeon
  • AnneMarie Huste, 1040 chef
  • James Ketchum, White House curator
  • Berthe Kimmerle, childhood nanny
  • Marcia Jacobs, editorial assistant
  • Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Red Gate Farm architect
  • Anne Lincoln, White House chief housekeeper
  • Evelyn Lincoln, JFK's personal secretary
  • Hope Marinetti, editorial assistant
  • Scott Moyers, editorial assistant
  • Lee Nasso, accountant
  • Pearl Nelson, cook (Georgetown and first three months at White House)
  • Bertha Newey, childhood nanny
  • John "Mugsy" O'Leary, Kennedy family chauffeur
  • Providencia Paredes, personal assistant
  • Sister Parish, interior designer
  • Lorraine Pearce, White House curator
  • I.M. Pei, architect of JFK library
  • Efigenio Pinheiro,1040 butler
  • Simon Hirsch Rifkind, lawyer (Gallela)
  • Maude Shaw, children's nanny
  • Becky Singleton, editorial assistant
  • Marta Squbin, nanny, 1040 cook
  • Bruce Tracy, editorial assistant
  • Nancy Tuckerman, White House social secretary, private assistant
  • Pamela Turnure, White House press secretary, private assistant
  • Rene Verdon, White House chef
  • Carl Warnecke, JFK grave architect
  • Tillie Weitzner, yoga instructor
  • William Vos Elder III, White House curator
  • J.B. West, White House chief usher
  • Rusty Young, White House chief floral designer

Notes: Jackie's bosses included Frank Waldrop at the Washington Times-Herald; Tom Guinzburg at Viking Press; and Sandy Richardson at Doubleday.

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