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Steven L. Brawley is the editor-in-chief of PPB. He is a lifelong history buff with a keen interest in the presidency, the White House, pop culture, and Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Steven has been publishing PPB since 2003 - providing thousands of readers with both a campy and serious look at life with a very Jackie O slant. By day, he is a not-for-profit executive with a 25-year background in education, healthcare, and social service issues. Learn more about Steven at www.stevebrawley.com.

Jake Gariepy is a self-taught artist and writer who works from a studio in his century-old farmhouse in Eugene, Oregon. Long fascinated by subjects such as the White House, presidential, first lady and European royal history, Jake spends much of his time researching and interpreting the wardrobes and interiors of historical figures. His illustrations and other products are marketed under the name “Dapper and Dreamy” and are available at many museum stores. His artwork is featured throughout PPB. To learn more about Jake, visit his blog at www.dapperdreamy.blogspot.com.

William Kuhn is a biographer, historian, and the author of READING JACKIE, a fascinating look at the personality of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis through the books she chose to edit at Viking and Doubleday. William's additional books include: MRS. QUEEN, an intriguing novel that tweaks the pomp of the British monarchy, going beneath its rigid formality to reveal the human heart of the woman at its center; DEMOCRATIC ROYALISM about the transformation of the British monarchy in the 50 years before the First World War; HENRY AND MARY PONSONBY, a double biography of two funny people at the court of Queen Victoria; and THE POLITICS OF PLEASURE, a life of Britain’s most royalist Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. He live in Boston, Massachusetts. To learn more about William, visit his website at www.williamkuhn.com.

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