Jackie's Voicemails and Spy Story

May 30, 2016 Notes; Jackie continued working at Doubleday until her death in May 1994. One of the books she was still going back and forth with was a Russian spy story. In his book, Reading Jackie, William Kuhn tells the story of the relationship between Jackie and attorney Philip Myers, who was shopping his tale of Soviet spies. Jackie met with Myers several times - even at 1040 - and left several voicemail messages for him.

Some of these voicemails can be heard on Myers publisher's website - that is promoting Myers' spy tales.

Listening to Jackie's voicemails is fascinating. She even gives out her office and 1040 phone numbers. Please don't call the numbers and bother the current users. Enjoy.

Jackie Voicemail to Myers 1

Jackie Voicemail to Myers 2

Voicemails courtesy of Entrepot Publishing and Philip Myers.

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