Welcome Back

By Steven L. Brawley, Editor-in-Chief

October 23, 2014: Welcome back to pinkpillbox (PPB).

Since 2003, PPB has been celebrating the style and substance of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis and her influence on pop culture.

PPB strives to offer its readers informative and entertaining features that bring to life Jackie's passions and her impact on the role of the First Lady, interior design, historic preservation, beauty, fashion, entertaining, editing/publishing, and so much more.

While Jackie is PPB's inspiration and creative muse, we delve into a wide range of historical figures, places, and events. If you have a story idea, please let us know.

What's up with my Jackie obsession? I first met JBKO when I was age five at my grandmother's house in St. Louis. Grandma Brawley had one of the mass produced framed prints of President and Mrs. Kennedy by photographer Yousuf Karsh hanging in her living room. Grandma would tell me about the young couple, their children, and how a bad man killed the President. I was transfixed right away.

Today, I still admire Jackie. To many people's surprise, I don't blindly worship or idolize her. I think she'd find that silly. I do aspire to better understand our stylish gloved gal, who also had a beautiful mind under those trademark pillbox hats.

There's a lot we can learn from Jackie's life experiences, and from one Jackie fan to another. She'd love that.

Navigating the new PPB site is pretty simple. The top categories and subcategories pop up as grey boxes. We have added a search box and icons for social media interaction. As you can understand, a redo such as this is quite an undertaking, so please be patient. If you notice a typo or factual error, please let me know in a polite manner, so I can make corrections and edits as needed. What you see is the structural bones of the site, new articles are planned for the cover page as often as we can produce them.

I am honored to present amazing original artwork by Jake Gariepy. His illustrations throughout PPB honor Jackie in such colorful, vibrant ways. His work is copyrighted, so please don't steal it. Other special shout outs go to Michelle Morrissette, William Kuhn, Brandon Wolfe, Lynn Wooten, Eric Monroe, members of the White House by Design FB group, Rusty Thomas, and so many others for their invaluable feedback, research assistance, and support the past few months.

Moving forward, we have some amazing features in cue, so keep us bookmarked.

Thanks for visiting PPB. We hope it was worth the wait.

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