1040 at Christmastime

December 2, 2015 Notes: Rendering by Jake Gariepy of Jackie's beloved 1040 Fifth Avenue Apartment in New York City dressed for the holiday season. 1040 was Jackie's safe haven from 1964 until her death there in 1994.

Image copyright Jake Gariepy (Dapper and Dreamy)

Jackie's Desire for Flats

By Leo Racicot

September 7, 2015: I did not know Jackie (knew Ted very well) but some years ago, I attended an awards event for Oscar Hijuelos in Manhattan. The room we were in was so hot and I twirled around in exasperation only to find Mrs. Kennedy staring me square in the face. She said, "My feet are killing me. If only one could wear flats at these things." I was too stunned to speak and before I could recover, someone else grabbed her attention but I will never forget that large, handsome face, the black hair so black it shone blue, the wise eyes, wise and mischievous, even when making that small joke. She was one-in-a-million, Jackie Kennedy was. The world is less of a place without her.

Image below: Jackie's pair of tailored navy leather flats with a square toe, size 10, imprinted "Eugenia of Florence Created by Mario", on sole: "Hand Made in Italy", with custom wood shoe trees in each shoe. Formerly the Property of Jackie Kennedy, given to M.B. Gallagher. Copyright Hantman's Auctioneers.

A Little Advice from Jackie

By Rusty Thomas

July 30, 2015: Three months before the 1992 Convention at Madison Square Garden, I had yet come up with a decor theme and I was getting very nervous about it. I had been sent pictures of the years past via the DNC Finance Committee, and all I could see were red/white/blue ribbons and colored carnations.

My role at the Convention and all of the DNC's official events were covered in the papers and one day while I was having lunch at the Park Avenue Cafe, Jackie walked in and saw me sitting with 3 friends at a 4-top. My back was to her but she walked over and as my friend's eyes got wider and wider I turned around and stood up to greet her. She was so excited that I had landed the Convention and right away asked what I was going to do.

I had to admit to her that I had nothing concrete even at that late date because I was so confused with all of the red/white/blue, what I had seen from the DNC what with all the ribbons and carnations, and what to do because it was a chaotic color scheme to me that I couldn't produce as elegant. Immediately, and I mean lighting-fast, she looked me in the eye and said, "Do what the French would do for a national event like this....."use red/white/gold, and blue/white/gold color combinations and let the US flag do the rest".

I had a French artist paint hundreds of cache-pots that I filled with native flowering New York State plants as I was so into the environment even then. I presented this set to Hillary at the Convention. I owe JBKO much for just walking into the Cafe that day. She saved me.

Image copyright Rusty Thomas.

White House Children's Art Room

July 26, 2015 Notes: Most Kennedy historians are aware that Jackie created a private school (kindergarten) on the third floor of the White House for Caroline and a select group of children (seven girls and four boys) from the Kennedy's inner circle.. From a May 1963 film by Cecil Stoughton, it appears as if "The Music Room" down the hall also served as an "art room" annex to the main classroom in the Solarium. The third floor hallway was also used for the children's performances and the "ramp" hallway leading into the Solarium often displayed the children's artwork.

Source: JFK Library, May 1963 film by Cecil Stoughton. Image edited by Steven L. Brawley. 

Copyright Steven L. Brawley, 2002-2015. All Rights Reserved.