1962 White House Elevator Hall

February 21, 2015 Notes: Rendition of the White House second floor elevator hall in the private residential quarters circa 1962, showing a Lannuier swivel-top card table (circa 1815 sold at the 1996 Sotheby's auction for $107,000), lithographs by W. H. Brown (circa 1830s sold at the 1996 Sotheby's auction for $7,475) and a Chippendale mirror on loan from Mount Vernon attributed to President Washington's "Presidential Palace" in Philadelphia (circa 1790s).

Image copyright Jake Gariepy (Dapper and Dreamy).

Rare 1940s Kennedy Cape Cod Postcard

February 16, 2015 Notes: Steven L. Brawley, PPB Editor-in-Chief, has recently acquired this rare 1940s era postcard featuring the Hyannis Port home of Joseph and Rose Kennedy. By this time, Joe had served as the controversial U.S. Ambassador to England and had two sons serving in the military (Joe Jr and John).

Source: American Art Post Card Company, Brookline MA (collection of Steven L. Brawley).

1962 Jackie Fashion Review

February 11, 2015 Notes: Jackie's inaugural year as first lady made her the world's leading fashion icon. She would top the best dressed women's lists for years to come. 

Source: January 1962 wire image stamped The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer.

Jackie's Plans for Wexford

By RR Auction

February 8, 2015: Extensive archive of over 400 pieces covering nearly all construction and design aspects of the Kennedy’s Wexford home built near Middleburg/Atoka Virginia are set for auction. Bidding on these items begins February 12-18, followed by a live auction event on February 19 that will take place at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge. More details can be found online at  www.rrauction.com.

Jackie’s Personal Touches

Included here is all of the 1961–1964 correspondence between Jacqueline Kennedy and the building agents, with an emphasis on 1963, the main year of construction. The most important items in the archive are those which Jackie herself penned. Included are ten letters handwritten by Jackie (five particularly lengthy and detailed ones written on large yellow legal pad paper); two are signed “Jackie,” one “J,” and two are unsigned - all are undated.

In one of these long letters Jackie exclaims, “This house may not be perfectly proportioned - but it has everything—all the places we need to get away from each other - so husband can have meetings...wife paint...all things so much bigger houses don’t have. I think it’s brilliant!” In another she raves, “You have done the most fantastic job and everyone agrees that house is really a dream. One could not wish for anything more perfect - if only we could live there all year long! And Jack loves it.” 

The five shorter ALSs are on various types of letterhead (three White House, one mourning, and one plain). Three of them are signed “J,” one “Jackie,” and one “JBK.” Also present are eight typed letters, dated from December 1962 through September 30, 1963, on White House letterhead, and all signed, “Jackie.” 

Of particular interest are the ten 11 x 14 magazine pages (mostly French but one Home and Garden) which the first lady tore out and wrote interesting design notes on. Also present in the archive are five layout sketches in Jackie’s own hand, each in various levels of detail (see image above).

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